It was supposed to be just yet another web page with musical releases reviews, but after trying to write something like that, I’ve found out that I’m not good at it. So I’ve decided to start a blog where I can write anything that comes to my mind.

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What is Bad Houseplants?


Actually, I’m not sure yet. I wanted it to be something about music, but I found out that musical industry is not very welcoming, and I don’t know what exactly I > can do there. Creating music is somehow an intimate process to me, so I can’t share a lot about it. The whole distributing thing is a black-box, and I wouldn’t like to be a part of it, until anything is changed. I wanted to do musical reviews, but there are tons of guys who already do it a way better than I can. So I’ve given up on music here. I still hope that one day I’ll open a recording studio under this name, but I’m not sure when it’s even going to be possible. The second thing that I can talk about is IT. I think it can be interesting, but I don’t want to kind of stigmatized as an IT blogger. And then I’ve decided that I would like to write something about indie culture, about DIY philosophy and all this punk related stuff. So let’s say that is a blog about indie

Wanna join?

If you want to publish anything here, I don’t mind. But for doing that you need to have at least basic git knowledge because this blog is written as code. You can check the source code to understand if you’re ready or not. I’m hosting my own Gitea instance, so you will have to request an account (just email me or find me on telegram), when you got one, you’re ready to start writing. If you have any questions about how to start, I’m always open for a conversation.